What the Butlers have been / are up to:


Darrin and Lucy were married on 21st December 2012 and a good time was had by all at the wedding.  Loads of people travelled from all over the country to attend.  See the photos on the ‘Photos’ website, by clicking on the link on the home page of this site.

Darrin and Lucy ‘s  new venture is buying a Public House in Clare, Suffolk, a lovely little village.  They have been working so hard to get it up and running and the Grand Opening Date was 3rd August 2013.  Family and friends attended the opening and helped out.  The pub is a 16th Century listed building and had been closed for about 3 years so had collected a bit of dust.  After 3 months of solid graft, it's now open.

Good luck to them, they deserve it.  More to follow.

Megan and her boyfriend James are coming up to South Shields for the Annual Great North Run.  She did it last year with Darrin, so she knows what's in store for her.

Donald is progressing in his work in psychotherapy and psychology.

Plenty of clients and is anticipating full time running his own business.

Fran’s 24th birthday this week on 4th August.  She and Eleanor are in Spain at the moment at some music festival.

If anyone has any news worthy of input here, drop me a line please.

River Tyne entrance